I like playing with software and use a lot of it. I am planning to write a bit about the software I like and use most. I do have a windows machine, but most of the time I use Kubuntu — the KDE version of Ubuntu — and Cloudready — a version of Chrome OS that can be installed on older equipment. The software here reflects this.


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Drupal is an incredibly powerful development frame work that can do just about anything. It used to be my go-to website system, but I got a bit disenchanted with version 8. Probably adopted it too early, and needed too much beta software, too many developer versions of developer tools. Version 7 was...

Content Management Systems

June 4th at 12:00am

I have always been a great admirer of Drupal — since about version 4. Unfortunately,the latest release has become so complicated, I started looking around for something else. I understand why it has become complicated, but it is more than I usually need.

So I have started looking for alternative...