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Hints and tips for various things.

Using Git

November 10th at 11:22am

Some very basic git commands. I don't use it a lot so don't always remember the commands I need.

Initialise a repository

Often I want to set up a main repository on my server that I can share amongst my other machines - so I can work on the laptop or the desktop machine (when James will let me u...

Responsive Images on the web

When I started working on the web, the big decision we had to make was whether we would accommodate screens sized 640x480, or just assume everyone had screens that were 800x600, and a page — HTML and images — over 100 kb caused angst and sleepless nights.

Now we have to not only expect huge scree...

Nextcloud PicoCMS App

November 10th at 11:22am
Nextcloud PicoCMS App header image

Nextcloud PicoCMS App

Getting the Nextcloud PicoCMS app app running correctly is not that straight forward, and takes a bit of fiddling around. To get it running, first install the app as described on the app's wiki pages.

Loading the media

However, you might still have problems loading...

Editing Code in the Browser

November 10th at 11:22am

My other tip showed how to make a bookmark that opens a web browser window with a simple text editor in it. But there is a lot more you can do with a browser and a bookmarklet. These examples open a code editor with syntax highlighting and even formats markdown code.

These examples are modified...

Easy editing on the web

November 10th at 11:22am

Often you need to be able to do a quick edit or spell check. A lot of web applications — Grav and NextCloud, for example — use markdown syntax, and prioritize formatting over spelling. So Browsers the inbuilt spell checker doesn't work, so a quick spell check can be useful.

Other application...