End of the Golden Weather

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The rain is coming down today, emphasising the change of season. James' rugby practices have started, there are some pre-season games organised, and the cricket ends this weekend. James won't be able to make the game, as he has a cubs camp in Wainui, so last weekend was his last game. The team's coach, Greg Mathias, is a good guy — he and Matt Scott coached James' rugby team last year — but he does have a few near-fatal flaws. He supports the Highlanders, and drinks Speights. This wouldn't really matter normally, but this is Canterbury. Crusaders country. Home of the one eyed sports fan. Home of Richie Macaw, Dan Carter, Fergie McCormack, rightful home of the Ranfurly Sheild. So here, it matters. But - as it was the last game we'd be at for the season, I bought him a few beers. Last weekend was also the Crusaders Highlanders game down in the Highlanders wimpy covered stadium. Always a much anticipated game.

Another great victory
March 19, 2011 - just one of many victories over the Highlanders
So I made up a some labels for the bottles. Speights labels, with a Crusaders logo on and the score of a recent Highlanders - Crusaders game. The back was to have the dates the two teams have won the Super Rugby trophy - all eight of the Crusaders games, and the one time the Highlanders won. Alas I did not quite get time to do that. Unfortunately, the Crusaders let me down. It might have been bad decisions by the ref, or the number of players out with injury, or maybe the Highlanders cheated. Who knows? But the Crusaders lost 17 - 25. Maybe it was fumbles and errors at crucial moments.
Shock horror
March 17, 2018 - a day that will live in infamy
So I've had to make up another label. Sigh. Anyone want to swap a Crusaders banner for a Auckland Warriors banner?


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